OSM rule.XQueryHelper Exception in automator execution or order data update

While using Oracle Communications Order and Service Management (OSM) tool, you sometimes can encounter various exceptions all related to – <ERROR> <rule.XQueryHelper>. These happen at the time of Automator Execution or while updating order data.

These errors can be one of the following:

  1. <ERROR> <rule.XQueryHelper> Cannot convert string “1366694865424 1366694865434″ to an integer
  2. <ERROR> <rule.XQueryHelper> Error updating Order Lifecycle record
  3. Validation error on line 27 of module with no systemId

<ERROR> <rule.XQueryHelper> <ExecuteThread: ’14’ for queue: ‘oms.automation’> <Cannot convert string “1366694865424 1366694865434″ to an integer. . File[*module with no systemId* (actual location resolved to [*module with no systemId*])] Line[27] Column[-1]

Environment Details: OSM 7.2.0, O2A cartridge, eclipse Studio

Resolution: If you are getting this error then, it may be the reason that the node references of previous builds are there in the current build as well. So, you can do the following configuration in your studio, while building the cartridge and then you can deploy the cartridge. This is one time configuration.

osm exception ERROR rule.XQueryHelper

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